Liam's home ... and for once his gob stays shut

Tell us the tooth ... Liam
at Heathrow last night

MOUTHY LIAM GALLAGHER stayed tight-lipped as he flew in to Britain late last night – to hide his shattered teeth.

The OASIS singer swaggered through Heathrow after jetting in from Germany nursing the injuries from his fight in a posh Munich hotel.

When he did give a slight glimpse of his teeth he appeared to have had temporary crowns or a bridge fitted.

Liam did not speak on the 90-minute flight from Germany, communicating with aides by nods and grunts.

The British Airways cabin crew had been told not to speak to him and the captain had asked passengers not to take his picture.

Crown prince ... Liam offers a glimpse
of his broken front teeth yesterday

Liam’s face showed no signs of the brawl but at times he grimaced and appeared in pain.
Yesterday the drummer from a band playing in the plush Bayerischer Hof hotel as the fight went on said Liam had swung a microphone stand round his head as blood spurted from his mouth during the free-for-all.

JEORG WALLMULLER said: “Gallagher was like a wild animal. I have never seen such violence.

“One minute we were playing the THE DOOBIE BROTHERS hit Long Train Runnin’, the next we were in the middle of a cowboy-style brawl.

“I didn’t realise the people fighting were famous rock stars. I thought they were drunks who’d had too many cocktails.

Fight scene ... entrance to the plush hotel

“The first sign of trouble came when we took a break then heard the Oasis drummer ALAN WHITE playing our drums on stage. He was absolutely plastered and we asked him to go away.
“We noticed the Oasis party and some Italians giving each other the finger then the whole place erupted. Tables and chairs went flying and I saw a muscular Italian with the Oasis drummer in a headlock. He was repeatedly punching his face.

“The guests scattered then Gallagher jumped on stage with blood pouring from his mouth.

“I could see his two front teeth had gone but he was demented and screamed as he grabbed our microphone stand, swung it over his head and flung it at the Italians.

“It was like hell on earth. We played Easy by The Commodores to try to calm things down but by then the evening had been ruined.”

N-Oasis ... poster tells Munich fans gig is off

Oasis crew members STEVEN ALLEN, PHILIP SMITH and ROBERT NASH were charged with assault, criminal damage and trespass.
Liam was also charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer he Kung-Fu kicked.

X-rays have shown that Liam’s mouth injuries, caused by a “heavy object”, were far worse than first feared.

He is expected to undergo surgery today. The operation will cost £20,000 and Liam will be unable to sing for at least two weeks.

The group’s four remaining sold-out gigs in Germany have been pulled and dates in Cardiff, Brighton, Plymouth, Sheffield, Liverpool and Birmingham over the next fortnight are in doubt.

NOEL GALLAGHER, who was not in the hotel when the fight happened, is furious with his brother because the band could lose £1million in claims from promoters and lost earnings.

The pair have not spoken for two months since Liam walked off stage in Japan.

The four brawlers have already lost £180,000 paid in bail money after German prosecutors turned it into a fine.

They were warned the figure could double when the case goes to court next month.

But the threat of a possible two-year jail term for Liam has been lifted.

Oasis sources say the fight could be the final nail in the band’s coffin. An insider told me: “Make no bones about it — this is a very serious issue. The tour is in real crisis and there is a general feeling of doom surrounding the future of the band.

“Let’s face it, it’s not been a great year. Their latest album was panned and Liam keeps losing his voice. The whole thing’s a disaster.”




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